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Eurydice [userpic]
Rules for Nominating
by Eurydice (eurydice72)
at December 11th, 2006 (04:20 am)

1. All nominations are screened. The moderator reserves the right to reject a nomination if she feels the story is offensive or inappropriately labeled (incest, real person fic, no warning of non-con, etc.).

2. Stories can only be nominated in 2 different categories.

3. Only one story per author in each category is allowed.

4. Works-in-progress can only be nominated in the Best WIP category.

5. All-human fics can only be nominated the Best All-Human category.

6. In order to keep the categories from getting dominated by a single pairing/character, each category can have a maximum of 5 nominations for a pairing or character. Any nominations made after the maximum is reached will be held until the next round.

7. Categories will be capped at 20 nominees. Once a category is full, it will be closed for further nominations that round. If all categories are filled before the scheduled nomination ending period, nominations will end early.

8. Only individual stories can be nominated; sequels that comprise a series have to be nominated separately. Any story nominated in the wrong category will not be counted.

9. Nominations can be done by either the author or someone else. E-mails will be sent out to everyone who is nominated, regardless of who did the nominating. Make sure to fill the nomination form out completely.

10. Nominated buttons are not necessary to win. However, they are available to allow you to let people know you’ve been nominated.

11. Fics posted in groups (MSN, Yahoo, etc.) are not eligible as not all judges may have access to these facilities. Fics posted in Livejournal and the like must be either a single part story or archived in one easily followed place (like a memories page). It is too much work to spend time searching through journals for the next chapter, and any fic that is nominated that doesn't meet these criteria will be disqualified.

12. Winners and runner-ups (meaning the fics, not the author) are ineligible to be nominated again in that category.

13. All fictions currently archived at Love's Last Glimpse are ineligible for nomination.

14. Any nomination in violation of any of the rules will be deleted.